Yoga with Tara Stiles at the Reebok FitHub Union Square

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok

Why New York City is the best place on earth (Reason 2467):

Free workout classes with the best instructors!

I was recently invited to Reebok’s new FitHub in Union Square to attend a FREE yoga class with Tara Stiles (one of my favorite Yoga Instructors.)

Reebok Fit Hub Union Square.jpg


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The hardest 45 minutes of my day- learning to disconnect


Working in social media your day never ends as there’s always a new tweet or facebook update.  I work holidays (yes Christmas morning), birthdays, weekends, etc

It’s easy to get lost on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and blogs.  I often find myself working through lunch and eating at my desk.

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10 Awesome Life Changes

Feeling stuck or in a rut?

Peace Love Nutrition Life Changes

1. Disconnect.  Separate yourself from screen time (aka your phone, computer, iPad, etc.) every single day.  While it’s probably not feasible in this day and age to go completely tech-free, it is important to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the people around you.

It’s incredible what a phone call (try it– you might even scare the person) or small gesture like a personal note means these days.

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Healthy Guide to Paris

Healthy Guide to ParisLet’s face it, if you are going to visit or live in Paris and try to diet or not indulge in all their delicious food you might as well not be there!

There is nothing like a French baguette or pain au chocolate (my favorite.)

Paris healthy eating

The key? As with everything in life, moderation and balance.

Here are a few places that kept me healthy during my trip:

1) The Yoga Factory

21 Rue des Filles du Calvaire (3rd)

The Yoga Factory Paris.jpg

I should write Karine and Thibaut (owners) a letter and thank them for allowing me to eat whatever I wanted while in Paris.  The Yoga Factory‘s hot Vinyasa flow, although quite expensive, has been my saving grace.  I go to classes here 2-3x/week and sweat my butt off with an intense workout.  My favorite class was the ‘Dynamique‘ which worked your entire body.Move – Play – Connect

25 Euros/class or 10-class package for 180

2) Vegalia Juice 

106 rue Amelot (3rd)

PLN_healthy Paris

Located right next to my Yoga studio (I’m such a New Yorker- after yoga I want green juice) this new Paris Juice Bar is delicious.  They have every juice combination you could ever want (even adding fun ingredients like Maca, Sprulina, etc)  And it’s much cheaper than other juice bars in Paris!

You MUST try their salad combination platter (photo above).  I ate these at least 3x/week and it was always fun to see what healthy food combinations they came up with.

The owner is very passionate about health/wellness and it doesn’t hurt that he’s also quite charming.

3) Velib

Paris biking Velib

Stations Map here

For 8 Euros/week you have no excuse not to bike everywhere and exercise.  Biking is such a fun way to explore Paris- there’s nothing like riding over the beautiful bridges across the Seine.  Magical.


And remember— your goal should be to try every flavor Macarons at La Durée

laduree Paris Macaron

Amusez-vous bien !