Kimberly Snyder: The Beauty Detox Solution Review

I wanted to share with you my review of

Kimberly Snyder‘s The Beauty Detox Solution

that was posted on Sam’s blog Fit for my Fork in her  Fit Body Fit Mind Section: 

As a former Ballet dancer and current Yogi, I have always been interested in nutrition and fitness and ways of incorporating the mind, body, and spirit into wellness and well being.  I started my blog, Peace Love Nutrition, as a way to inspire and motivate people to grow and lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

Kimberly Snyder is a Celebrity Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, and all around bad-ass.  Her clients range from Fergie to Drew Barrymore.

I’ve been a fan of Kimberly’s for years (way before she started working with celebrities.)  I read her blog weekly and would write to her and she always took the time to respond to me.  I was hooked to her alternative views on digestion and eating.

The word ‘detox’ in Kimberly’s title might be a bit misleading- this book examines why and how important it is for us all to eat well every day- not just for a limited period of ‘detox’ time.   Kimberly changed the way I think about the food I put in my body.  Her passion for health and nutrition shines through in the pages of the book.

Kimberly examines and explains how the food you eat impacts your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients and process the food thoroughly (for example, always eat fruit on an empty stomach or before your meal, never afterward).  The book’s main focus is to teach us how to have proper digestion which Kimberly believes is the key to good health and a vibrant life.  She is a fan of vegan-ism and eating less animal protein so this book might be extreme for some but I think everyone would benefit and take away a few bits of knowledge  to incorporate and improve their lives.

Read it!

Q: Do you have a health book that changed your life?

Q: What’s your views on eating fruit on an empty stomach?


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