Illumask Review

I’m almost 30.  I don’t fully believe it yet–but it’s true. Next year I’ll turn the big 3-0.  I’ve always been lucky in the skin department but as I get older I’ve noticed more and more smile lines (hello crow’s feet that never goes away!)

illumask review

Let’s face it, we all want to age gracefully (the book I wrote with Carol Alt, A Healthy You, with Harper Collins is about this!) everyone is looking for some magic pills (the cosmetic industry makes billions every year) so when I was asked to try out Illumask’s Anti-Aging at-home LED light treatment I got very excited.  I’ve been told great things from experts about LED lights and I’ll pretty  much try anything once.

My favorite 2 perks were:

1) I get to do it right in my apartment

2) It’s veryyyyy affordable

Here’s a breakdown of my experience:

What: The Illumask.  It comes in both anti-acne and anti-aging varieties and uses LED light therapy to improve the appearance of the skin.  

Price: A single mask is good for 30 15-minutes sessions and costs $29.99 (that’s $1 per use)

How to use:  Very simple! You literally just press a button.  The hardest part is sitting there for 15 minutes (great excuse to use my app Quiet Brain Coach and meditate! Or take a few minutes to rest your eyes and not be on instagram.)  

Overall experience: My “crow’s feet” are still there.  As much I hoped this was going to be a “cure all” I knew there was no such thing.  My skin is great though (no acne, softer) and I feel like I have an overall brighter glow.  I have another 30 days so I’m going to continue using it and let you guys know what I think then.

Buy or not?

I say go for it!  I’ve seen a lot of great reviews for the acne one so why not— it’s less that $1 per use.  I also love taking 15 minutes for myself every day.

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Get that butt in shape before July 4th with Chris Powell and Women’s Health

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Soybu Peace Jacket Giveaway!

I’ve been searching for the perfect workout jacket for a long long long long time.  The wonderful team at Soybu has offered readers of Chic & Sweaty the opportunity to try one of their pieces and I loved this one:


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What’s in my workout bag?

I’m in a lucky position where I get to try great products all the time— here are a few of my ‘go-to’ ones:

What's in my workout bag?

1) I love Fringe Bags   2) Light weight Reebok sneaker  3) Onzie Bustier Bra Top 4) Nina B Roze Capri leggings  5) kushyfoot socks (extra padding underneath– the best!) You can buy them in Duane Reade 6) Yes to Cucumbers (love the coconut wipes also!) 7) Not your M💚thers Dry Shampoo (my savior) 8) Uma oils  ( essential oils are my new thing!) 9) Maybelline Great Lash mascara — (mascara solves everything and I’ve been using this since 8th grade) 10) Sephora eye brow comb 11) Coco me lip balm (so smooth!) 12) Schmidt deodorant  13) Adora chocolate  14) Gomacro bar (my favorite bar ever!) 15) Glasstic water bottle (glass = better for you than plastic)

My book is out!!! A Healthy You with Carol Alt

I guess I might be a little excited :)


A Healthy You Carol Alt

Working with Carol Alt on A Healthy You was very inspiring.  Carol lives and breathes health and wellness and it radiates out her pores.  She has made it her mission in life to find the best doctors and explore every available option.

In this book, we interviewed and quoted over 50 experts and doctors including Dr. Perlmutter NYTimes best seller “The Grain Brain“, Dr. Mercola #1 Alternative Health website, Brad Gruno “Brad’s Raw Chips”, Joe the Juicer, DIYs from Katie “Wellness Mama” (including Natural Dry Shampoo!) and many more.

I get asked most “What’s Carol’s secret?  How does she look so good at 54?” The truth is there is no one secret– every day she’s conscious about the food she eats, the products she puts on her body, what’s in her house and makes it a priority to exercise daily.

A Healthy you is filled with information and tips she’s tried from her favorite doctors and experts.

Order here! :)