My Paris Food Guide

Paris Guide

After living in Paris for 3 months, eating many macaroons, baguettes, pain au chocolat, brunching, working, dating and then realizing this wasn’t sustainable for 2 months straight—- eating healthy and working-out!  I found my favorite places in Paris for all of the above:

Best Macaroons: Pain De Sucre (14 Rue Rambuteau–Le Marais)

Best Coffee: Telescope (Tell Nicholas Jocelyn says hello!) (5 rue Villedo– 1er)

Best Lunch Spots:

  • People Watching: Cafe de la Poste (124 Rue de Turenne– Le Marais)
  • Crepes: Breizh Cafe (109 Rue Vieille du Temple– Marais Nord/3ème)
  • Overall Delicious: merci (111 Boulevard Beaumarchais–Marais Nord/3ème)
  • Quick Lunch: Plan B ( 32 rue Debelleyme– Marais Nord/3ème)
  • Sesame (51 quai de Valmy–Canal St Martin/10ème)

Let’s Brunch:

  • All you can eat on weekends/healthy: Soya (20 Rue de la Pierre Levée– 11ème)
  • Cafe Pinson (6 Ruedu Forez–3ème)
  • HolyBelly (19 rue Lucien Sampaix–10ème)

Dinner Time:

  • Local and life changing (family run!): Juveniles (47 Rue De Richelieu– 1 er)
  • Date Night: Le Mary Celeste (1 rue Commines–Marais Nord, 3ème)
  • Le Depanneur Pigalle (27 rue Pierre Fontaine–9ème)
  • Fancy: Pirouette (5 Rue Mondetour– 1er)


Le Perchoir (Rooftop Bar) (14 rue Crespin Dugast–11ème)


*Extra: Work it off:

Ask me any questions– I can talk about Paris all day ; )


Last March, I packed my bags with a one way ticket to Paris….


I moved there not knowing a single person (or speaking any French.)  I lived there for three months and quickly fell in love with everything about the city– the architecture, the language, parks, biking over bridges, the people, their attitude, cafes, baguettes, macaroons and for the first time was completely on my own.

Paris Healthy Dance

Everyone should travel by themselves at least once in their lives.  




I learned so much about myself living and working in Paris– how to be my own motivator, what made me happy, how to make friends, how to lug 65 lbs of luggage up 5 flights of stairs, how to be selfish, how to navigate without google maps…

Paris girl

Paris Rain

….I still daydream about it. Tu me manque.