MyYogaWorks Review

My YogaWorks

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter you already know I’m a fan of MyYogaWork‘s online yoga classes.  I used to be a ‘class only’ type of girl, but let’s face it, classes can be a 2 hour commitment (between getting there, showering after) that I don’t always have time for.

MyYogaWorks is the perfect solution to this (and is also great when you travel!)  Their site is very easy to navigate and lets you choose classes by duration, level, teacher, focus and benefit.  There’s seriously something for everyone.

My Yoga Works

Favorite Class:

30 minute Cardio


Test it out with their 14-Day free trial and after it’s $15/month (or you can pay  $150/ year which offers you two months for free )


Do it! I use it at least 3 days/week

5 Questions with Suzanne Bryant

I’m in a lucky position with my business and blog where I meet and work with smart and inspirational experts in the health field daily.  I decided it would be fun to start a new series ‘5 Questions’ and ask every expert 2 of the same questions (which selfishly, I always wonder about people I admire!) and then 3 questions pertaining to their field of expertise.

Suzanne Bryant Yoga

     1.What is your typical morning routine?
My typical morning starts with a gratitude meditation as I am laying in bed, as soon as I open my eyes. I visualize all those I love and all the things I am grateful for and this vision washes over me to start my day in a positive way. I then get up and have my apples and almond butter and green tea and take some time to reflect before I check in with the world via email or computer. Afterwards, take a walk or do a yoga practice at my house. Then I am ready for the day, to meet all its opportunities & challenges with the ability to focus and create.
     2.What is your favorite health or fitness advice in one sentence?
Do things that make you feel alive!
We are all the energies we intake and surround ourselves with, they nourish and feed us or they take vital energy away from us. So be mindful of what you eat, what stories you tell your mind, who you spend time with and what you put your energy towards in life. Happiness is healthy and so when we are in a state of balance we feel happy, all parts are necessary.
     3.Favorite quote from YOGA IS? 
I love Seane Corn’s quote : “Find your wounds and find your purpose”.
It’s so true! I used to suffer with anxiety and through the many years of yoga and mediation and getting a masters degree in spiritual psychology now I find myself helping others overcome anxiety. Our challenges are great opportunities to help others in their obstacles because we can come from a place of compassion and authenticity. Our wounds are great teachers that open us to our life’s purpose often. Don’t be afraid of your challenges, if you are open they will lead you to places that you could have never dreamed of in the midst of your suffering. Always know there is a reason and have trust in the process.

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     4.Why do you think it’s so hard for people to slow down in today’s society?

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I think that we are so stimulated by all the pressures and expectations of our lives today, that we feel almost guilty to slow down. Technology adds to that stress psychologically. We have an epidemic of anxiety and we are told that we need to multitask which creates more stress and anxiety. People are looking for stillness and peace and that is why yoga and mediation are such powerful practices to allow us to see our true nature: which is love and peace of mind.

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     5. Meditation tips for people who just can’t seem to quiet their mind?

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The western mind is one that needs to find something to attach too. That is why I love mantra mediation. Finding a mantra is as simple as Om or a sanskrit mantra allows our mind to be sedated into a mediative state by the repetition, like lullaby dropping our chattering mind into spaces between thoughts and ultimately into silence. I have seen tremendous success in getting the mind into meditative state from chanting a mantra. The mantra is an ancient word that has powerful vibrations that effect the nervous system and also have manifesting powers. My favorite is Ad Such Jugad Such Haibeh Such Nanak Hosee Beh Such
This mantra removes blocks to success, prosperity and inner peace by surrounding you with positive cosmic energies. As you chant and/or listen to Ad Such, you call on the beneficial forces of the universe to work in your best interest and come to your aid, thereby helping you to fulfill your dreams and ambitions. Opportunities begin to come to you in unexpected ways. Ad Such also helps develop the intuition you need to guide you through complex situations.

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Bio: Suzanne Bryant is a yoga teacher, wellness expert and filmmaker of Yoga IS: A Transformational Journey as she interviews 25+ leading experts in the world of yoga.

Haylie Duff’s The Real Girls Kitchen & the Food Network!

#TeamDuff is expanding (in more ways than one!)

I’m excited to announce the show I work on, Haylie Duff’s The Real Girls Kitchen, Season 2 is now live on OraTV!

Also, season 1 is airing on the Food Network, Sundays at 10 am!

Looking for some delicious recipes to impress your guests? Try Haylie’s famous banana boats or spring detox smoothie!

Maybe a fun girls night’s face mask recipe?

Or what Haylie would cook for Larry King?