Snowed in workout with Swerve!



Instead of ordering Seamless, drinking wine, stalking Instagram and watching stories on SnapChat— here’s an at home work out inspired by SWERVE.  In their class, you not only get a killer cardio workout, but you also strengthen tons of muscles in your legs (glutes, quads, hamstrings) as well as your core and shoulders.


Try this quick 15-minute workout that you can do, no matter where you’re snowed in.

30 seconds each exercise, 3 rounds, 1 min rest in between rounds  



Turn them into Goblet Squats by cupping a glass of wine in your hands

*targets the glutes and quads



Start in a standing position, then lunge your right foot back to about 7 o’clock, return to squat position. On the left side, your foot will go to 5 o’clock.

*targets lower body



Start with feet slightly apart and parallel, extend working leg behind you and slightly bend knee of standing leg, extending your torso forward while maintaining a flat back, and return to stand.

*works the glutes and hamstrings and core



Start in a squat and hold the position while jumping your feet up and down or together – for added inspiration, throw popcorn in the microwave

*glutes and quads


DONKEY KICKS (Right & Left)

Get on your hands and knees and kick one leg back and up as high as you can, then pull your knee into your chest, then set it back down and repeat. 

*glutes and shoulders


Thanks for the workout Jason! (you can stalk him on Insta here @JasonnarT)

TroupeFit– personal trainers right to your apt

Already having trouble with that New Year’s resolution? TroupeFit is here to save you.  This app allows you to sign up for private training right in your apartment (or outside when the weather is warmer.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 4.12.17 PM.png

Adrian kicking my butt with a bootcamp style class—  there’s no getting away with things or slacking with him around.TroupeFit_1.jpg

Sessions are usually $49 but TroupeFit is offering Chic & Sweaty readers

their first class for $20  (use code: chic&sweaty below)!7269839d-d1f1-4071-b0e8-d8950461462e.jpg


Holiday Gift Guide


My gift guide is basically all the brands/products I love (and trust me I try out MANY different products!) and what’s on my Holiday wish list:

All price points included:

// Custon Neon Signs: Sygns // Onzie Bustier (I live in these) // Splurge Tinted Lip Buttah (great for stocking stuffers!) // Reverence Apparel  Sweater (These make me laugh daily) // Alala Racer Turtle Neck  (How dreamy is this?! It’s on my wish list!!) // S’well Bottle // Withings activité:  Activity/Sleep Tracker (Finally an activity tracker that’s CHIC)  // Sweaty Betty Sports Lux Collection: Jumpsuit // SB’s Salutation Mat (Love the colors on this mat!  Another for my wish list) // Uma Oils (I use Uma Oils before bed every night) // U barre (Workout equipment that looks good!)  //