FaceLove Fitness NYC

Workout for your face?  After hearing some buzz about FaceLove Fitness, I knew I needed to learn more!

I suffer from TMJ and get constant headaches so I was excited about the massage aspect of the workout but was also told it would help with wrinkles and anti-aging. Bring it on.

Kate started the workout at the #Facelift Wall where I wasn’t sure what to expect….

Face Love Fitness

She taught me how to exercise the muscles on my forehead and cheekbones– muscles I had never moved like that before.  Next they used a Pilates ring to exercise my jaw (I opened and closed it while applying pressure making sure it was opening straight.)  This helped my jaw so much!

unnamed-17Next was my favorite part with Heidi…
Face Love Fitnessthe massage!  I never wanted this to end

Face Love Fitness

She used all of these fun tools to massage my face.  What I loved most about FaceLove Fitness is that even though they do provide a workout menu as a guide (see here) they completely catered to my TMJ needs and made such a personal effort to help me which was very much apperciated.Face Love Fitness

The workouts range from 5-30 minutes, which makes it great to pop in during work hours.

FAceLove Fitness


Thier current location is a little far down town for me for the everday or weekly visit but I’ll defaniately be back!  I’m sold.

More info:

188 Front Street, NYC

(646) 573-2631


My Paris Food Guide

Paris Guide

After living in Paris for 3 months, eating many macaroons, baguettes, pain au chocolat, brunching, working, dating and then realizing this wasn’t sustainable for 2 months straight—- eating healthy and working-out!  I found my favorite places in Paris for all of the above:

Best Macaroons: Pain De Sucre (14 Rue Rambuteau–Le Marais)

Best Coffee: Telescope (Tell Nicholas Jocelyn says hello!) (5 rue Villedo– 1er)

Best Lunch Spots:

  • People Watching: Cafe de la Poste (124 Rue de Turenne– Le Marais)
  • Crepes: Breizh Cafe (109 Rue Vieille du Temple– Marais Nord/3ème)
  • Overall Delicious: merci (111 Boulevard Beaumarchais–Marais Nord/3ème)
  • Quick Lunch: Plan B ( 32 rue Debelleyme– Marais Nord/3ème)
  • Sesame (51 quai de Valmy–Canal St Martin/10ème)

Let’s Brunch:

  • All you can eat on weekends/healthy: Soya (20 Rue de la Pierre Levée– 11ème)
  • Cafe Pinson (6 Ruedu Forez–3ème)
  • HolyBelly (19 rue Lucien Sampaix–10ème)

Dinner Time:

  • Local and life changing (family run!): Juveniles (47 Rue De Richelieu– 1 er)
  • Date Night: Le Mary Celeste (1 rue Commines–Marais Nord, 3ème)
  • Le Depanneur Pigalle (27 rue Pierre Fontaine–9ème)
  • Fancy: Pirouette (5 Rue Mondetour– 1er)


Le Perchoir (Rooftop Bar) (14 rue Crespin Dugast–11ème)


*Extra: Work it off:

Ask me any questions– I can talk about Paris all day ; )